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LNMIIT Counselling Cell 2018-19

LNMIIT Counselling & Guidance Cell
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Choosing a college is a huge undertaking, with many applications filled, and after students have selected their future sanctuary at LNMIIT- they deserve to be welcomed with warmth. There arises a need of a guide-someone you can look up to as a leader as well as confide in. C-CELL aims at helping freshers harness their highest academic and personal potential. Besides providing mentors, the counselling cell ensures that every individual reaches that first rung on the ladder to a successful transition. The understanding family of C-CELL pledges to bring out the best from each new member.

Roles and Responsibilities

Deciding your second home - your college is a tedious task and to acknowledge this college as your second home is an even more difficult one. There is a total metamorphosis in a student’s life as he enters his freshman year; he experiences mixed emotions some of which may be fruitful and some may be hazardous for a fresher’s development.

This now becomes the responsibility of the Counselling Cell (C-Cell) to guide the freshers in every difficulty they face in this new environment and eliminate the harmful emotions they feel. We ensure that this institute becomes a home away from your home. It becomes our prioritized task to make the new batch settle in the college and let them know that the C-Cell is there to care for them -

  • Some students may feel anxious at times and panic but should know that the C-Cell is always there for them at such times.
  • Introducing them to the working of the college- the clubs, fests, academic pattern.
  • Guiding them in every aspect of college be it their personal areas of interest or the scholastic pattern of different courses.
  • Introducing them to different seniors who would help them in their desired field.

The Counselling and Guidance Cell is always there to guide and help the fresher batch faces in every difficult situation.

The Team

A determined, focused and hardworking team under the able guidance of a Convener assisted by two Coordinators and a few Associate Coordinators brings on board every working and possible measure to bring ease to the lives of new members of the LNMIIT family. The sophisticatedly structured and trained team includes super seniors as well as sophomores to manage every situation that can possibly pop up before them. Student mentors are assigned to students in manageable groups. This very conceptualization is done keeping in mind that the focus should be on the students and to create a strong bridge between college and the new members.


Dr. Usha Kanoongo


Student Coordinators:

Saurabh Jain


Shaily Baheti

8107795368, 8233257581

Associate Coordinators

Priyal Bhagwanani


Vishal Lalwani


Pankhuri Vanjani


Yashovardhan Agrawal


Vasundhara Shukla


Kartik Singhal


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to study and achieve academic excellence in the college?

    A course information document is provided upon beginning of a course which clearly demarcates the syllabus, grading criteria, requirements, and the books to refer.

    Attending classes regularly, jotting notes personally and briefing oneself with weekly overviews of those notes is generally sufficient to score well. The institute follows the rule of relative grading, i.e. the grades are based on the maximum and average score and assessment criteria decided by the instructor. Students who are regular in classes learn more and score more.

    Reference books are made available in the library with limited copies. Students generally study through soft copies of the books since it proves to be economical, and convenient for long term usage. Students carry personal laptops for efficiency and ease of work regardless of their branch. Although, it is not necessary for students, homework is quite often done on softwares that need a laptop as a resource (especially at later stages of academic life).

    We also have an institutional repository maintained by the library which holds records of question papers, magazines, publications, and research papers submitted by the students of the institute.

  2. What are the sports facilities provided in the college?

    Our institute provides us with individual outdoor courts of basketball, volleyball, cricket, football, and kabaddi. The Student’s Activity Centre (SAC) has indoor courts for badminton, squash, and table tennis. Areas for practice of chess, karate, and boxing are also designated in SAC. Adequate sports equipment are provided that students can engage by contacting respective sport's coordinators, who are senior students.

    A common gymnasium in SAC, and one in the Girl’s Hostel has been suitably equipped for general exercise and well being.

    Apart from these provisions, students represent LNMIIT in various sports fests across the country. We also organize the annual sports fest, Desportivos whose 9th anniversary held in the presence of Satnam Singh, the first Indian to get selected in NBA.

  3. Is attending the orientation session necessary?

    It is highly recommended that you attend the orientation. This would be a three day program containing talks, quizzes and fun events. These talks will help you know more about the college and faculty and understand the culture.

    Orientation ensures a healthy interaction of the freshers with their peers as well as the seniors. It is highly likely that you will find your first friends during this time and bond with your batchmates as well as the C-cell members.

  4. How to reach the college?

    There are bus facilities from Pink Square as well as Ajmeri Gate for the college according to the bus time-table available on the college website. Also, you can come via cab or your personal vehicle with the help of the link on the college website, or simply navigate to LNMIIT, Jaipur on Google Maps.

  5. Things to bring:

    The hostel rooms include bed, table, chair, study-lamp and cupboards. Sleeping mattress will be available for purchase within the college itself. However you should carry pillows and bedsheets as per your convenience.

    You can also purchase basics like bucket, mugs, etc. from the general store within the college. Do not forget to bring locks for your cupboards, only the locks for your room will be provided.

  6. What are the transportation facilities from college?

    There are college buses from the college to Pink Square, Raja Park and Ajmeri Gate with minimal charges of ₹25 per ride. The bus timings are very conveniently spaced and buses run throughout the day. Other than this there are government buses that run between the college and Chomu Puliya and Nai ki Thadi and have different stops along the way, the schedules for which are also included in the bus time table. Also, one can book cabs (especially Uber), Magic. The latest bus time-table is available on the college website.

  7. What are the health facilities provided in the college?

    All the essential and necessary medical facilities are available at the Health Centre, which includes a Resident Doctor, a Resident Nurse, Emergency Care, Physiotherapy Unit, and Ambulance Service. The Health Centre consists of all the basic medicinal facilities to meet the student’s requirements. Frequent visits (weekly) of specialized doctors are also arranged by the institute. The Institute even facilitates a group medical insurance policy for all the students. We have Nirog Club that functions to ensure the access of health facilities to all. We also have first-aid facilities with necessary medicines in the medical unit and all the hostels.

  8. How many clubs are there in college?

    There are various clubs that majorly come under the three different councils, collectively under the Student’s Gymkhana. All the student bodies are:

    Cultural Council:

    Dance Club - Insignia Drama Club - Rendition Music Club - Capriccio Fashion Club - Eminence Nukkad Mandli - Aaveg Art & Craft Club - Vignette

    Photography and Cinematography club-Imagination

    Media Cell

    Fundoo Club

    Sankalp Club

    Mess Worker’s Education Program

    Science and Tech Council:


    Phoenix Club

    Entrepreneurship Cell

    Innovation and Incubation Centre

    Astronomy Club

    IEEE Student Chapter

    CSI Student Chapter

    SAE Student Chapter

    ACM Student Chapter

    Student Bodies:

    Literary Committee


    LNMIIT MUN Society

    Sports Council:






    Table Tennis




    Lawn Tennis


    Martial Arts

    Collegiate Clubs:

    ASME Student Chapter

    Alumni Association

    Training and Placement Cell


    Nirog Club

  9. What is the membership criteria for clubs?

    The selection criteria for each club is unique and depends on the kind of work each club does. Some clubs like Sankalp and Art club are open clubs, meaning anyone can join if interested. Other clubs test whether the student possesses the minimum skill required to work in their club and hold recruitments to select the number of students they need for operating smoothly in the given year.

    For example, Insignia (the dance club) requires you to prepare a small dance routine to show in the auditions, while Cybros (the coding club) requires you to pass a written exam and then a personal interview round.

  10. Where to and whom to talk to if problems occur in refunds after dropping courses?

    All of the financial matters of the college are looked after by the accounts section of the administration and the same has to be contacted for any kind of issue regarding refunds. The contact information is available on the website.

  11. What are the financial aids available inside/outside the college?

    The college provides different scholarships like scholarships for top scoring students in JEE(adv.) in the 1st Semester, scholarships to students according to their academic performance at LNMIIT i.e. to students who maintain their CGPA above a certain value is given from 2nd semester onwards, teaching assistantships (TA), BPL scholarships etc. There are also newly started scholarships plans by the Director for students who have lost the bread-earner of their families and an Earn While You Learn type scheme for anyone in need of financial help.

    Except for these scholarships given by the college anyone can go for education loans and it’s easier to get one from any nationalized bank without any collateral security under CSIS scheme of MHRD and due to the NAAC accreditation of LNMIIT.

  12. What are the ways for branch upgradation?

    Anyone who wishes to upgrade his/her branch can do so after the end of 1st semester by coming under the top 5 CGPA scoring students out of the students applying for that particular branch. For eg: If 12 students apply for their branch to be upgraded to CCE, irrespective of their current branches, the top 5 CGPA holders out of these 12 will be awarded the upgradation, subject to appropriate filling of the form for upgradation of branch. The same goes for all the other branches.

  13. What are the placement statistics?

    The updated information on the placement statistics can be found out on the college website. Briefly, the basic information suggests: (placement session of 2018 is still on)

    A. Highest package - 29.5 lakhs/annum

    B. Average package - 7.27 lakhs/annum

  14. Regarding allotment and change of hostel rooms.

    Room allotment in the hostels is lottery based. You still get the liberty to become a roommate with someone you already know. Generally, double and triple rooms are provided to the freshers. If someone wants to change the room for genuine reasons, one can do so by applying to the wardens for the same.

  15. Do the rooms have cooling system?

    There is a centralized cooling facility with duct openings in all the rooms.

    The cooling is sufficient during summers and there are regular inspections to ensure the same.

  16. Which network providers to be preferred for connectivity?

    Although almost all the networks are available in the college, preference should be given to JIO and Airtel.

    Sim cards can also be purchased from the stationary shop present in the campus premises.

  17. Availability of non-veg food in the campus. (Is it available in mess?)

    Non-vegetarian food is not served in the mess on regular basis. Eggs are however available for the breakfast.

    Non-veg food is available in the Food Barn and Bazinga Cafe present in the shopping complex area.

  18. How is the mess?

    The mess serves 4 meals a day based on a fixed mess menu. The menu is changed and updated regularly. A student’s body, COSHA also keeps a regular supervision over the quality of food.

  19. Vacation dates of college.

    Apart from the normal 5 day schedule and other national holidays, at the end of an odd semester (the first semester for Y18) there is an approximately 20 days winter break. At the end of an even semester there is a 3 month summer vacation (May start-July end).

    All students are expected to utilise their vacations in the best possible manner. In case of any further query related to the vacations, the students can always check the academic calendar uploaded on the institute’s website.

  20. How are the Library facilities?

    LNMIIT has a huge library with comfortable ambience suitable for long hours of work. There are large number of books, course books and other reads for a budding engineer.

    The library also has a high speed internet connection, computers for those without one and a large number of digital subscriptions and repositories. Books can be issued for a period of 14 days at a time.

    Large number of magazines and newspapers are also available to read at all times.

  21. Is there any need to carry old notes of PCM?

    No, there is no need to carry old PCM notes. The notes made in the classes are sufficient to help you through the course. Video lectures and extra classes are also given by the faculty on request for complex topics.

  22. Recognition of CCE as a bachelor’s degree in case a student wants to opt for higher studies?

    Yes, CCE is a very well recognized branch in foreign countries as it perfectly suits the demand of both ECE and CSE courses which is on the rise everywhere. It is helpful in research as well. You can easily go with any of them for higher studies, be it in India or abroad. Apart from a perfect combination, it can help one to explore both courses in initial semesters and then decide the field they want to opt for further studies. Huge number of elective courses is available for both branches in course curriculum.

  23. What if I don't know how to code yet? Do I need to learn it before joining?

    There is no pre-requisite coding knowledge required for the coding courses taught in the first semester. However, doing a coding course in the C Language from online sources or somewhere else can prove very helpful as it will help grasp things better and also keep one ahead of the competition.

  24. Modes of payment of fees.

    Online modes of payment are recommended which include:

    • Net Banking
    • Payment via debit/credit card of any bank or Paytm
    • Online RTGS/NEFT payment system

    Offline modes of payment are acceptable only in cases where a bank loan has been applied for.

  25. What type of clothes to carry? Is there any requirement of formal wear/culture of clothing?

    There is neither any boundation on the clothing pattern, nor does the culture restrict you to any fashion trends. Anything that seems comfortable and looks sufficiently presentable to you is fine. It is advised that you carry at least one pair of formal clothes with you which might come in handy on special occasions, presentations and interviews.

  26. Which E-commerce companies deliver at LNMIIT ?

    Most major E-commerce services deliver within LNM campus like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM, Myntra, Jabong etc.

  27. Occupancy of rooms in hostels. (Only 1 or 2 seaters)

    In both Boys hostel and Girls hostel 2 seater rooms are available. The rooms are well furnished, spacious and hygenic. Each room has a cupboard, book-shelf, mirror, pin-up board, curtains and a LAN connection.

    Each student will be provided a separate study/computer table, bed and a chair.

    Single rooms are available only on the recommendation of Hostel warden and caretaker and on certain medical conditions.

  28. What are the documents required at the time of registration?

    Following is the list of all the documents needed:

    1. Original and a self-attested photocopy of JEE (Main) Admit Card/Photo ID Card
    2. A printout of JEE (Main)–2018 result
    3. Original and a self-attested photocopy of 10th Standard Marksheet
    4. Original and a self-attested photocopy of 12th Standard Marksheet
    5. Original and a self-attested photocopy of proof of date of birth (if date of birth is not mentioned on 10th standard Marksheet)
    6. Two passport size photographs
    7. Receipt of Provisional Fee
    8. Receipt of Balance Fee
    9. A copy of the Application Form duly signed by the candidate
    10. A copy of the Offer letter for UG Admissions – 2018
    11. Original Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate
    12. Original Migration Certificate (Optional)
    13. Anti-Ragging undertaking
    14. Code of Conduct undertaking
    15. Indemnity Bond on Stamp paper of ₹100/- (Rupees One Hundred only)
    16. Medical Examination Report

      All the documents would be returned to you after filing the photocopied files of these except the transfer and migration certificate which would be documented and returned after the completion of course.

  29. Necessity of getting a laptop (According to branch). And suggestions for good specifications.

    Though it would be good to have a laptop at the starting of the semester, it would not be a necessity at all. The work that we have to do in the first semester usually does not require laptops, and most work can be done on mobile phones.

    Although the first semester involves C programming as a core subject so a laptop would be beneficial for a student eventually. But the students not having one won’t be at a loss since the campus library is well equipped with PCs that may serve your purpose just fine.

    You don’t necessarily need a high end laptop and any laptop would be fine. If you’re going for a purchase, consider the following specifications:

    4GB RAM
    Intel Core i5/AMD a10 512 MB Graphics Card

    You can find good deals around Diwali if you can wait till then.

  30. Number of students who cracked GSOC this year.

    Here is the List of Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2018) achievers from our college(10): Harshit Prasad - CERN (2nd time in a row)

    Parth Shandilya - FOSSASIA

    Parth Shandilya - FOSSASIA

    Saurabh Chaturvedi - FOSSASIA

    Vibhor Agarwal - Oppia Foundation

    Riya Lohia - SugarLabs

    Pratul Kumar - SugarLabs

    Amit Sagtani - KDE Community

    Lakshya Gupta - Open Data Kit

    Vivek K. Tiwari - R project for statistical computing

    Vinay Sharma - JDErobot

  31. Availability of Guest House for parents to stay during counselling.

    Guest House facilities are available in the campus. All you need to do is, go to the LNMIIT website, click on the Guest House link, fill it up and email it to the college’s email ID.

  32. Banks in the campus.

    In the campus, we have 2 ATMs, one of ICICI bank and another of SBI bank.

  33. Dual degrees.

    The institute offers B.Tech-M.Tech dual degree program (5 years) for the CSE and ECE branches.

    This programme not only provides a longer duration in the field of interest, but also reduces the total time to gain both B.Tech and M.Tech degrees.

  34. Culture of college in regards of gender, place of birth, opportunities, studies, food etc.

    Life at LNMIIT is a beautiful blend of different cultures. Students come from different backgrounds. Opportunities are ample for all those who deserve them and work to grab them.

    There is absolutely no discrimination based on gender or regional identity.