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The LNM Institute of Information Technology

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To become a unique and top-notch Department in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering in the country, through pioneering excellence in teaching, research and scholarship.


  • To impart, both in depth and content, the basic fundamental knowledge and understanding in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • To keep students fully tuned to the pace of growth of the modern trends of technology and their applications along with the challenging issues.
  • To motivate students toward developing innovative approaches to learning and toward applying scientific and engineering skills for providing solutions to real-life challenges relevant to the societal and industry needs of the country.
  • To motivate students and faculty to pursue higher research and to become an integral part of the process of conducting collaborative research.
  • To promote life-long learning, and to preserve academic freedom, honesty and justice.


  • To consolidate the Undergraduate (UG) program through innovative curriculum planning and advanced laboratory development.
  • To expand and diversify the scope of Post-graduate (PG) program.
  • To strengthen the Ph.D. program in core and interdisciplinary areas.
  • To strengthen the Faculty Development Program.
  • To institute rigorous Academic Audit by external/internal agencies.
  • To organize national/international conferences/workshops on a regular basis.
  • To encourage faculty to get more involved in executing sponsored/consultancy projects from Government/industry/other funding agencies.
  • To explore more opportunities for bilateral collaboration with reputed organizations in India and abroad.
  • To nurture and build up a strong and coherent teacher-student relationship within the department.
  • To encourage and enhance the skill development activities for students.
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