The LNM Institute of Information Technology

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Rules & MOA
  Memorandum of Association & Rules & Regulations of the LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur  
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The name of the Institute shall be "The LNM Institute of Information Technology", hereinafter referred to as the 'Institute'.

div11111  Situation of the Registered Office
div11111 Main Objects
div11111 Ancillary Objects
div11111  Institute to be open to all persons
div11111 Application of Income
div11111  Members of Governing Council
div11111  Association Clause

We the undersigned hereby certify that we know the above-mentioned signatories and that they have signed before us. We also hereby declare that we are not members of the Society.

1. 2.
(Brijesh Kumar Biyani) (V. M .Kapoor)
Consultant Deputy Secretary,
8D, Bally High Department of Technical Education,
1, Ballygangue Park Road, Government of Rajasthan,
Kolkata-7000 19 Secretariat, Jaipur-302005

Rules & Regulations of the LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur
div11111 Title
div11111 Definitions
div11111 Authorities and officers of the Institute
div11111 The Governing Council
div11111 Meeting of the Council
div11111 Executive Board
div11111 Academic Council
div11111 Finance Committee
div11111 Chairman
div11111 Director
div11111 Registrar
div11111 Chief Finance Officer
div11111 Functions and Powers of Other Authorities and Officers
div11111 Remuneration and Allowances
div11111 Insurance and Provident Funds
div11111 Indemnity
div11111 Funds of the Institute
div11111 Operation of Bank Account
div11111 Accounts and Audit
div11111 Annual Report
div11111 Budget
div11111 Power to make Bye-Laws
div11111 Books, Certificates and Forms
div11111 Seal of the Institute
div11111 Acts and Proceedings not to be invalidated by vacancies etc.
div11111 Legal Proceedings
div11111 Annual List
div11111 Alternation of the Rules and Regulations
div11111 Alteration or extension of the purpose of the Institute
div11111 Dissolution
div11111 Application of the Act